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Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Uh oh, does PETA know about this?

(Not a post about anything PETA has done lately, but something that reminded me of them...) 

I have to say, I really love Google News' way of picking pictures to go with their front-page stories. Like the other day, when they had an article about Gordon Brown accompanied by a picture of Tony Blair. But today has to be my all time favorite so far:

Wait, is that Ronald McDonald in the picture accompanying the Pakistani military story? Has he joined their military? Are conservatives across America going to join PETA in branding Ronald McDonald a terrorist? Or maybe he's just also concerned about the US aid bill, to which I say, it's about damn time Ronald McDonald started taking an interest in international affairs. Before this, nobody knew ANYTHING about the guy, save that he has really shitty taste in food. Perhaps this will help humanize him a bit more for his audience, although I am not entirely convinced that middle America will appreciate learning that Ronald is siding with the Half-Breed Muslin Terrorist Conspiracy From Hell. Reading through the story, it does not once mention McDonald's or anything remotely Ronald-related, which means that I can a) continue to indulge my imagination in RM's connection to the Pakistani military (is he trading French fries for nukes? Can we somehow blame the French for this?) or b) I can Google and get to the bottom of this very important development. In my ongoing quest to Know Everything, I chose "b."

Well, I am now officially deflated. It turns out that Ronald is not involved in any sort of international intrigue. He -- or rather, a statue of him -- was actually just getting cozy with two guys in Islamabad who have opinions on the US aid bill, as mentioned in a different story in a New York Times blog. One would assume, then, that Google News must have a bot that picks the pictures to go with their stories, and that their front page editors drink a lot of whiskey. And here I was totally hoping to see PETA pick a fight with the Pakistani military.
Damn you, reality (and Google)!
posted by The Venerable Vegan Empress @ 5:03 PM  

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