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This is a blog for animal rights activists who are concerned about the misogynist, racist, homophobic and transphobic tactics used by PETA.   
Thursday, July 16, 2009
PETA, even stupider than we feared
Some ass on PETA's lifestyle section is super-happy that the racist, misogynist, lying animal-haters at L'Oreal are trying to con vegans into giving them money. Namely, PETA minions are now lauding the monsters at L'Oreal for coming up with a gimmicky line of hair care products that they call "Ever Pure," which they advertise as vegan. Except, as the article notes, L'Oreal has never signed PETA's statement of assurance that they don't test on animals, and the company is widely known to test their ingredients on animals while trying to hype the fact that their finished products aren't tested on animals. Uh, what's the difference, fuckknots? Animals are still dying and being tortured for your products, regardless of what point in the process it's happening. As a UK group called Uncaged says, "Many companies can be deliberately misleading in their animal testing statements, cleverly wording customer letters in order to reassure a concerned public. Often they talk about the products when most of this type of animal testing is for chemical ingredients." They've also received a "worst" rating from Ethical Consumer for their animal testing policy and for their extremely environmentally unfriendly ingredients and practices. A discussion at this Australian message board gives more background info and links on the L'Oreal debacle.

Of course, a discussion on L'Oreal wouldn't be complete without a discussion of their absolutely miserable record as regards human beings. For starters, they refused to hire non-white women for a French campaign to promote their Garnier Fructis shampoos -- and became the first major French firm to be convicted of racist bias.

An earlier racist-misogynist excursion by L'Oreal saw them trying to force a female manager, Elysa Yanowitz, to fire a top-selling, dark-skinned female sales rep and hire a "hot" blonde. The San Francisco Chronicle reported that L'Oreal ass job Jack Wiswall told Yanowitz "that a dark- skinned salesclerk was 'not good-looking enough,' and directed her to fire the woman and 'get me somebody hot,'" and pointed out a blonde woman who apparently fit the bill. When Yanowitz, also highly rated in the company, refused to fire the dark-skinned woman, L'Oreal harassed her and generally made her life miserable until she quit.

And here comes the kicker. L'Oreal has a product called L'Oréal Kid's 2 in 1 Extra Gentle Shampoo that ranks as one of the most toxic shampoos on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database. Yup, children, whose brains are still developing, and whose parents will almost certainly believe they're protecting those particularly delicate brains by buying a shampoo labeled "extra gentle."

So, to break it down: L'Oreal hates women, people of color, animals and children. Is it any wonder that PETA's falling all over themselves to worship at their altar? It's almost like they were separated at birth!
posted by The Venerable Vegan Empress @ 4:46 PM  
  • At July 19, 2009 at 10:22 PM, Blogger Keely Emerine Mix said…

    I love your blog. As a feminist vegan critical of PETA and other welfarist organizations, it's nice to see someone else tell the truth and tell it so beautifully. I'll definitely look forward to reading your stuff in the future.

    Have a nice day,

    Jonah (Son of Keely, whose account I am using currently)


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