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This is a blog for animal rights activists who are concerned about the misogynist, racist, homophobic and transphobic tactics used by PETA.   
Saturday, February 13, 2010
PETA, please go fuck yourself
Well. This is appalling. PETA is having losers vote on their website for their annual worst-dressed celebrity list (meaning: women and black men who wear fur; since leather is very commonly worn by straight white men, they don't typically include leather wearers in their list). Of course, the usual misogynist slurs toward women who wear fur are in full effect, but PETA decided to go the extra mile and also make light of domestic violence when including Rihanna in their poll:

You'd think that being a victim of violence would have opened Rihanna's heart to the suffering of others—like the animals who were beaten, drowned, and electrocuted for her fur coats. Girl, you've got beautiful eyes: Use them to see the pain and suffering your wardrobe causes.
Of course, I'm sure whatever ignorant intern wrote that is patting themselves on the back for the COMPASSION they showed in noting that Rihanna has beautiful eyes. (Because compliments on a woman's looks totally make it okay that her ex beat the shit out of her!) But ya know, when you drag somebody's traumatic past into the picture, that makes you a first-class insensitive asshole. If it weren't so awful, I'd be amused at the fact that domestic violence and women's rights activists have been trying to tell PETA all along that there's a link between exploiting people and exploiting animals, and that when you exploit people in the interests of animal rights you're actually strengthening the structures that also lead to animal abuse. But comments like these just show that the problem isn't that PETA doesn't get the interconnectedness of all forms of violence, as they're perfectly willing to make arguments like this. The problem is that PETA knows all violence is connected -- they just don't care about it if it happens to humans, which does absolutely nothing to help animals.

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