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This is a blog for animal rights activists who are concerned about the misogynist, racist, homophobic and transphobic tactics used by PETA.   
Tuesday, April 27, 2010
This is what happens when you sell your soul
Ah, PETA. You really don't care, do you?

Model/actress/G4 TV-host Olivia Munn, quite popular among gaming and sci-fi nerds (like myself), just did a campaign with PETA to combat circus cruelty and showed up to the PETA event wearing leather boots. A protestor asked, “Are those boots leather?” To which PETA staff retorted, “This isn’t a leather campaign.”

And in case you didn't click on the link, yes, Olivia Munn is naked in accordance with PETA's apparent mandate that all women in their ads must be naked and/or objectified in some way. Seriously, at this point it's like they're just phoning it in. I can hardly find anything in my inbox to get riled up about anymore because it is the same. damn. thing. over and over again. Titty this and titty that and titties titties titties everywhere! Although between this and the Crustastun fiasco, it does seem that PETA is making their true colors more and more obvious. Now I almost feel like it's unfair to welfare orgs to call PETA one -- my new theory is that PETA might just be a group of pathetic groupies who are trying to get the attention of celebrities in the hopes of being able to schmooze with the rich and famous. Which is, like, sooooo 2005.*

*I did a quick bit of research to make sure that 2005 was, indeed, the time when all those partying celebrities were in the news, and I discovered that Paris Hilton does not even come up on Google's Autocomplete anymore! Seriously, I thought maybe I was misspelling her name, or that I'd imagined her entire existence. I guess hope does spring eternal.

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